Why You Should Start Eating Quail Eggs For Weight Loss

Eating quail eggs for weight loss is a great way of ditching the extra pounds in a sustained and healthy way. However, before we jump into the recipes and how to incorporate quail eggs into your weight-loss regime, let’s talk some more about why eggs are so good for you!

In a diet-crazed world, it can come as a shock for most of you that eggs can have a huge impact when it comes to weight loss. But you don’t have to take our word for it. There’s a 2008 study that proves it! In this study, the participants who ate an egg for breakfast (during a diet that involved a caloric deficit) lost more weight than those who ate a bagel for breakfast instead. While this may sound pretty straightforward, the reality of it is a bit more complex. You actually need to learn about the ideal method of using eggs for weight loss.

Does Eating Quail Eggs For Weight Loss Actually Work?

This is a good question. To answer it, we’ll turn back to the 2008 study which compared people who ate energy-deficit diets. To clear things up, energy-deficit diets refer to being in a caloric deficit. In plain English, it means eating a little under your necessary daily caloric intake.

Both of these groups, egg-eaters, and, bagel-eaters, were, during the duration of the study, in a caloric deficit. Nevertheless, both groups had a breakfast that consisted of the same amount of calories.

NOTE: Simply eating eggs for breakfast does not help you lose weight. You also have to be in a caloric deficit. This is true for any type of diet.

According to the results of the study, after 8 weeks, the people in the egg breakfast group lost almost 70% more weight when compared to the bagel group. The participants in the control group (those who did not do into a caloric deficit and ate whatever they wanted) did not experience weight loss. What is more, the egg breakfast group has managed to lose, on average, 16% body fat when compared to the other groups.

Health-wise, losing body fat is far more important than losing weight. Yep, these are two different things. They do correlate, as in when you lose weight you also lose body fat. However, losing weight does not necessarily mean your abs will show. That’s because your abs are covered with generally stubborn body fat. As we said, losing body fat is very important for your general health. Free-moving fat in the body can lead to heart disease and even strokes.

This shows we should not have a problem with weight gain, provided the extra weight is actual muscles and not fat. In this regard, eggs can provide great assistance. After all, there’s a reason why eggs are listed as a 0 point food in the Weight Watchers program. It’s also the reason why eating quail eggs for weight loss is possible!

Eating quail eggs for breakfast is great in a number of ways. For example, a 2010 study on adult men showed that eating eggs for breakfast decreased their feelings of hunger by their next meal. This translated into a modified behavior, namely, they ate fewer calories over the next 24 hours. Unlike simple carbs, such as bagels, eggs produce fewer and gentler blood glucose variations.

Also, they don’t increase the hunger-inducing hormone. The same cannot be said about bagels. This result is also supported by studies on preschool children. They basically say the same thing: eating a high-protein breakfast leads to better diets overall and fewer calories per day.

Of course, this decrease in hunger only extends to lunch. It will not have an impact on hunger levels for dinner. Nevertheless, if you want to help yourself eat healthier, simply choose a high-protein breakfast instead of cereal or oatmeal or bagels. This way you can naturally keep your weight in check without going on an actual diet.

Furthermore, high-protein diets actually promote weight loss. There’s a reason why it takes way longer to feel hungry again after eating protein. Your body simply takes longer to digest it. This is also why eating a high-protein diet helps you lose weight. Your body burns energy to digest protein. It’s a process called thermogenesis. This is also supported by research that compares high-protein diets vs high-carbs diets.

Quail Eggs – Can You Have Them On Your Keto Diet?

High-protein diets are beneficial to all age groups. However, this article focuses on quail eggs. Therefore, it is natural to ask ourselves ‘How many eggs can you eat daily?’. We answer this question below.

How Much Is Too Much? What’s The Maximum Number Of Quail Eggs You Can Eat Per Day?

There are quite a few contradictory opinions on this subject. However, if your main goal is losing weight, then eating quail eggs for weight loss is very much possible.

Some people might worry about cholesterol levels. After all, egg yolks are known for being rich in fat. Still, in spite of the high cholesterol levels found in yolks, healthy people experience no negative effects. This means and egg breakfast will do you no harm. That’s because your body adapts and adjusts itself. If you consume plenty of eggs, your liver will produce less cholesterol in order to even out your levels.

Research indicates that healthy people can eat up to three whole eggs (3 chicken eggs or 12 quail eggs) a day without having their blood chemistry affected. Now, while eating eggs may not affect your cholesterol levels, eating too many can certainly sabotage your weight loss. Quail eggs are still food and food has calories.

For example, if you eat a 400-calorie breakfast (bagel or cereal) then you should switch it for 12 quail eggs. This way you lower your morning caloric intake is only 240 calories.

Is It Okay To Eat Quail Eggs Every Day?

Eggs have a lot of health benefits. They’re good for your health, and they’re delicious. Research shows that eating eggs daily is okay. However, since we’re talking about eating quail eggs for weight loss, we need to be more mindful of what we eat besides eggs.

Quail Eggs Health Benefits – Where Delicious Meets Healthy

For example, bacon is a very popular choice for breakfast. While delicious, it’s bad for you if your goal is to shed the extra weight. Bacon adds fat and calories, things you don’t want to increase when on a diet. Another thing to be mindful of is white toast. Again, it’s full of carbs and not much fiber. Your best bet is to add vegetables or fruits to your diet.

Eating an egg or up to three eggs daily has health benefits. Research shows that people who consume eggs regularly have improvements in certain areas of health. Specifically, their HDL levels (good cholesterol) increase, as well as zeaxanthin and lutein levels, important antioxidants. Eggs are also rich in choline, a chemical that helps cells stay alive and healthy, as well as building muscle mass.

How To Eat Quail Eggs For Weight Loss: Healthy Cooking Tips

Eggs are very simple to cook. However, for the inexperienced ones, eggs can be a mine-field. Don’t be afraid to cook eggs just because you haven’t mastered the art of cooking them!

Frying or scrambling quail eggs is usually frowned upon. Frying anything in fat is generally unhealthy. However, if you must fry or scramble eggs, choose healthier oil. Avoid using bacon fat or butter.

The healthiest way to cook quail eggs is to boil them or poach them. This way you avoid all oils and fats, which would also add to the calories. After all, if eating quail eggs for weight loss is your goal, it’s best not to sabotage yourself with oils, butter, or bacon grease!

How Much Protein You Should Eat

So let’s help you get started! Here’s how eating quail eggs for weight loss can be delicious. Check out these recipe ideas for hard-boiled quail eggs:

Quail Egg-Lettuce-Tomato Sandwich

While most people would sneak a slice of bacon in there, you won’t! Lettuce is far healthier. It’s also the smarter choice for keeping the calories down. Swap the chicken eggs for quail eggs (1 chicken egg = 4 quail eggs). Opt for whole wheat bread and serve with a salad. It’s going to be a delicious lunch!

Spicy Garlic And Quail Egg Curry

This one is for those who want a little heat! Your taste buds will take a trip into Indian cuisine. Garlic, coriander, and chili powder will give this dish warmth and flavor.

In order to get the most out of your meals, be sure to choose high-quality quail eggs. This way you will ensure you get all the antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals this superfood has to offer.

If you’re eating quail eggs for weight loss, let us know how you’re doing! And, as always, if you like this article, be sure to share it with your friends!

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