Patti LaBelle’s Macaroni And Cheese Recipe

Patti LaBelle's Macaroni And Cheese Is A Popular Celebrity Recipe

We are delighted to present yet another quail egg recipe that has a celebrity name attached to it: Patti LaBelle’s macaroni and cheese. This week’s celebrity recipe is a delicious comfort food that you can serve whenever you want to feel comforted. It’s also a relatively cheap recipe, which is always always a surprising thing. Who knew good food can be healthy and cheap!?

Before we jump right into our celebrity favorite, let us first honor Patricia Louise Holte aka Patti LaBelle. Born 75 years ago, Patti LaBelle has had 16 tours and starred in 21 movies and tv shows – talk shows not included! Furthermore, thanks to her unique vocal abilities she has 15 Grammy awards nominations and 21 awards won throughout her life.

She first started her career by signing a solo contract with Epic Records in 1977. After four albums, she signed with Philadelphia International Records. After a while, she started growing more and more as an artist.

In 1986 she released her best-selling solo album to date, with Winner in You reaching number one on the pop charts. She went on to star in various hit television programs and tv shows, gaining more and more popularity.

Patti LaBelle

Even though the world-famous Patti LaBelle has started her career in the ’70s she is still going strong! As you can tell by now, Patti LaBelle is a phenomenon. While she took a break, she returned to the scene in 2010. The first thing she did was appear on Oprah’s Farewell Spectacular, Part 1.

Then, she finally returned to Broadway after a two-decade break, in the musical After Midnight. She then moved to television, where she played in the fourth season of American Horror Story. Her television career continued. She competed in the 20th season of Dancing with the Stars, as well as made a guest appearance of Fox’s series Empire. Then, in 2017 she launched her very first jazz album, Bel Hommage. For all these reasons and many more, we’re very excited to write about her macaroni and cheese recipe! Without further ado, here it goes!

Patti LaBelle’s Recipe Reinterpreted With Quail Eggs

If you like comfort foods, then this recipe is definitely for you. Comfort foods are loved by everyone. Comfort foods are great because they give a sense of wellbeing. In other words, they make us feel good, comforted. Generally any food high in sugar, fat, or salt will give us a good feeling. Why? It stimulates our brain’s reward system.

Now, while this recipe is just a simple comfort food dish, it won its place on QuailEgg.Recipes due to its popularity and deliciousness. However, don’t be fooled by this recipe’s simplicity. It’s not a “use whatever you have at home” type of dish. You will most likely have to go to the supermarket to get the types of cheese Patti LaBelle used. Trust us, though, it will be well worth it!

Another thing to keep in mind is our decision to use quail eggs instead of chicken eggs. We are aware of the fact that the original recipe calls for chicken eggs. However, we’re far too obsessed with healthy eating, so we decided to improve upon perfection! Check out the recipe below!


Our thoughts on Patti LaBelle’s macaroni and cheese recipe

We’ve never felt so comforted by food before! What’s great about this recipe is that the Velveeta cheese doesn’t melt completely, but forms pockets of hot cheese that you can bite into as you enjoy your macaroni and cheese. This creates an incredible texture, that works wonders with the harmonious way the cheeses combine. It truly is delicious!

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