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health benefits of quail eggs

Among the most notable of the many health benefits of quail eggs is their ability to enhance and improve vision. Of course, this isn’t the only benefit you get by eating this food. And if you’re wondering what quail eggs are, the answer is pretty much obvious: They are eggs that are laid by quails and that have lots of health benefits.

Quail Eggs

Quails in nature

They can also boost our energy, stimulate tissue repair and growth, lower blood pressure, detox our bodies, improve metabolism and even soothe allergies. Quails are mid-sized birds in the order Galliformes found throughout Europe, North Africa, southern USA and some parts of Asia.

What makes quail eggs stand out is their aspect. Notably smaller than chicken eggs and spotted, these little eggs look very cool! Maybe that’s why they are widely consumed and sold as some sort of exotic food worldwide! Usually, people consume 3-5 at a time because of their small size. Nevertheless, they are full of nutrients, so, adding them to your diet is a very wise decision.

In the USA, quail eggs are consumed mainly by the Asian population. You can find them easily in Asian markets where distributors sell them as inexpensive street food thanks to their rich and flavorful yolk.

Known Health Benefits Of Quail Eggs

Since the yolk-to-white ratio is higher than in regular chicken eggs, some people expressed their concerns about their safety for people with elevated cholesterol levels. Still, despite some risks, quail eggs are generally very beneficial to one’s health.

Improved Eyesight

As previously mentioned, quail eggs are best known for improving vision. Quail eggs contain high levels of vitamin A which promotes eye health. Thanks to the generous amount of this vitamin, a reduction of macular degeneration takes place at the eye level. Vitamin A helps to prevent the development of cataracts and strengthens the eyesight over time.

Better Brain Function

Quail eggs also contain amino acids which provide nutrients to the nervous system in the brain and helps to boost brain agility and function. These amino acids also improve memory, protect and repair brain cells.

The Cholesterol Issue

Indeed, the yolk-to-white ratio is a bit too high for those with elevated cholesterol levels. Nevertheless, these eggs have beneficial fatty acids that boost your heart health.

To set this straight, HDL is the good cholesterol that we need to counteract the effects of LDL – the bad cholesterol. Since HDL makes up more than half of the fat in quail eggs, the risks are very low. Now, if you suffer from bad cholesterol, you can still enjoy the health benefits of quail eggs, as long as you don’t consume too many!

Muscle Tissue Growth & Repair

Protein is the building block of muscle. In this regard, chicken eggs do a really good job at providing the body with protein do either grow tissue or repair tissue. Quail eggs are no different! The body breaks down protein into basic constituents and then uses them to form new muscle tissue, but also repair our cells, bones and blood vessels.

Consuming quail eggs as part of a healthy diet in conjunction with exercise will result in good muscle tone.

Lower Blood Pressure

The list of remarkable health benefits of quail eggs continues with the fact that they help lower blood pressure. This happens due to the essential minerals they contain, such as potassium and magnesium, for example.

While science has yet to publish a study on the cardioprotective effects of quail eggs, we know for a fact that potassium serves as a blood pressure depressant. This means that when potassium enters the body via quail egg consumption, the veins and arteries dilate, thus lowering the overall levels of blood pressure.

Metabolism Boost

Having a healthy metabolism is very important. It affects everything from the health of our organs to our ability to lose weight or gain weight. Luckily, quail eggs increase metabolism and improve hormonal and enzymatic function due to their B-family vitamins. Quail eggs truly help our bodies and organs function properly!

Detox Wonders

Among the other health benefits of quail eggs there are their detoxifying properties. We all know how important it is to get rid of all the toxins we accumulate. After all, keeping our bodies clean is one of the first steps toward good health.

Fortunately, quail eggs, like regular chicken eggs can really help! The nutrients and minerals found in quail eggs help the body get rid of harmful toxins such as mercury and other heavy metals. They also help to prevent and rid the body of bladder and kidney stones that can build up over time.

They Soothe Allergies

Our bodies sometimes overreact to certain things: pollen, dust, certain foods, etc. This is where the health benefits of quail eggs come into play again! Unlike chicken eggs, quail eggs are considered to be hypoallergenic.

By being naturally rich in ovomucoid protein, they aid the body in fighting allergies. Ovomucoid protein is one of the key ingredients found in most antihistamine or anti-allergy medication.

Consuming quail eggs regularly will not only help with allergies but will also provide a boost for your immune system. They also contain anti-inflammatory properties which help to combat autoimmune or inflammatory conditions. For people who have an allergy to chicken eggs, quail eggs are the perfect alternative.

Quail Eggs Increase Energy Levels

Quail eggs can also make you feel more energized due to the multitude of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins they contain. After all, they give the body a lot of good stuff, not only to function properly but to thrive as well.

Now, after reading about all these health benefits of quail eggs, it is important to mention that excessive consumption of quail eggs can also have a negative impact on our health. This is why we should consume them in moderation, just like everything else. Too much or too little of anything can oftentimes lead to an extreme measure. Read this article as well, if you want more information.

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