Scotch Egg Pastries – A Delicious Picnic Food

a serving of scotch egg pastries

What’s great about picnic foods is that they are just so versatile! Not to mention delicious and satisfying, especially these Scotch egg pastries! Now, you might say to yourself that an hour’s worth of prep and cook time is a bit too much for a simple picnic snack, but we promise this scotch egg pastries recipe is well worth it! These pastries are absolutely delicious! Try them with piccalilli or brown sauce if you want to take this picnic favorite to a whole new level.



2. Then, take 6 spring onions and slice them finely. Next, mix the sausage meat and finely sliced onions with your hands in order to form the mixture for the scotch egg pastries.

3. Grab a block of pastry and roll it out until large enough to cut 3×18 circles (the size of a large cereal bowl). Then, roll the trimmings again and you should get 4 circles from each block. Prepare 2 baking sheets by dusting a little flour over them.

4. Next, wet your hands a little, either with water or a little sunflower oil and proceed to squash out about an eighth of the sausage mix over the pastry circles, placing it almost right to the edge. Next, go ahead and wet the edges of the pastry a little. Place a peeled quail egg in the middle of the sausage, grind over a pinch of salt and pepper and pull the side up over the egg and seal. That’s how you make scotch egg pastries! Make sure you crimp the edges, then put it onto the baking sheet.

5. Beat the final 4 quail eggs and brush them over the pasties. Let them cool down for about 30 minutes. Next, heat up the oven to 220C/200C fan/gas 7. Bake the scotch egg pastries, one tray at a time for 25 minutes, until they become golden.

6. Let the scotch egg pastries cool down a little and serve them with your sauce of choice.

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